Concord and the Transcendentalists

ConCORD and the Transcendentalists


Concord Sketches

by May Alcott





A scarce and unusual bit of Concordiana, which consisted of twelve photographs of drawings by (Abigail) May Alcott. May was Louisa's sister and the model for the artist Amy in Little Women.  The photographs were divided into sections on Emerson, Hawthorne, Alcott, and Thoreau. Louisa provided the prefatory text for each section.  Only 160 copies were printed.  By comparison, There were 2000 copies of the First Edition of Walden. Pictured on the lower left is Alcott's drawing of Thoreau on Walden Pond.



A Hawthorne Rarity

Fanshawe, A Tale.  Boston: Marsh & Capen.  1828

The Frank Hogan copy of a fabled rarity of American Literature.  Written in his youth, Nathaniel Hawthorne later disavowed authorship and destroyed any copies he encountered.